Project list


Memory, Filling Past (2007)

Installation in a old hospital / Trogen AR

A house changing (2006)

Audio installation of talks with the old resident of the hospital / Palais Bleu Trogen AR (

Wispering (2004)

Sound installation with voices about whispering with paintings from Gabriela Zumstein / Zeughaus Herisau AR

Space walk (2002)

Video dance installation with 5 monitors and one voice

production with Doris Willi, Martin Benz, Thomas Karrer / Fabrik am Rotbach Bühler AR

Water boiling (1996)

Multimedia opening action for the festival «tonal-verbal-vital-visual», with Thomas Karrer / Trogen AR


Scenography/ Stage design

Visit with Peter Morger (2008)

Installation and lectures with sound collages and voices, Kantonsbibliothek Trogen and Bibliothek Teufen / Teufen AR

Hotel Konrad (2000)

Room installation with theater and texts from Konrad Bayer, Gemeinschaftsproduktion / Stage University
the Arts Zurich, HGKZ Zürich

Brundibar (2003)

Scenery for the opera of H. Kràsa und A. Hoffmeister, Director: Barbara Bucher / Karthause Ittingen

About keywords and phrases (2002)

Scenery and graphic design of the play by Susanne Tamaro, Director: Enzo Scanzi, Theater Bilitz / Tournee CH

Iphigenie king`s child (1999)

Scenery and graphic design of the play by Pauline Moll, Director: Mark Wetter, Theater Rosamunde / Tournee CH


Guided Tour / Audiowalk

Through the ages (2012)

Audiowalk with original voices, sounds and stories about the history and development of Teufen. Kulturkommission Teufen / Zeughaus and Grubenmannmuseum Teufen AR (

Play Gantenbein (2011)

Audiowalk for one person from the theater through the town. With texts from the book by Max Frisch «my name is Gantenbein» Production Hörstoff and Theater St. Gallen, Coproduction with Theater Schaffhausen and Theater Winterthur (

Noising City (2007)

A audiovisuals expedition for one promenader with headphones. Perspectives, remembers, informations, and facts about a town. The not visible of a town gets audible. Concept and realisation with Rebekka Reich EXPEDITION BUCHERREICH / Coproduction Theater St. Gallen (

Wide sky – narrow valley (2006)

Audiowalk about the different perception of nature. With stories, history, fables of the Kronberg. Realisation together with Barbara Bucher, Stefan Baumann/ Appenzellerverlag and Kronbergbahn Jakobsbad AR (

Shuttle to Space (2005)

Concept of a audio bus tour about town development in Zurich, together with Rebekka Reich, Anja Meyer and Judith Gessler / Swiss Re Zürich

A hotel under construction (2001)

Feature and documentary film about the reconstruction of the hotel Hof Weissbad and a tour with actors for the reopening. Production with Rebekka Reich and Thomas Karrer/ Weissbad AI

Town walk (2003)

scenography tour through St. Gallen for the play by Peter Handke «the hour we didn´t know each other» Director: Dodô Deér, together with Rebekka Reich, Coproduction with Theater St. Gallen / Pico-Pello-Platz St. Gallen

The world is a stage (2001)

A tour guided with light and sound and actors about the issue «the world is a stage» through the theater of St. Gallen / Theater St. Gallen


Exhibition / Concept

Ballonpionier Spelterini (2012)

Concept of the exhibition about the ballon pioneer and photographer Eduard Spelterini / Gordon Benett Ballonrennens in Ebnat-Kappel / Kulturförderung Kanton SG

Wanderausstellung Palliativ Care (2010)

Concept of the touring exhibition about palliative care. Audio and room installation out of conversation with nurses and patients of the palliative station in the main hospital Kantonsspital St. Gallen. Graphics TGG St. Gallen / palliative ostschweiz and Förderverein Pro Palliative Betreuung SG (

projects in order: BUCHERREICHH SZENOGRAFIE, 2001- 2009 together with Rebekka Reich

Matches – Cabinet of wonder (2008 / 2009)

Detailed concept and design of the scenography of the exhibition about matches in Schönenwerd / Konrad-Nef-Stiftung Teufen AR

9063 Stein (2008)

Audio- and objects installation out of a research about humans and here things, special exhibition «So Züüg –popular object culture in Appenzellerland» / Appenzeller Volkskunde-Museum Stein (

Live and work in the textile town Wülfing  (2008)

Concept of the scenography (room and content) of the exhibition about live and work in a old textile fabric / Wülfingmuseum Dahlerau, Germany

Art an Dress (2006)

Concept of the culture festival of Pro Helvetia / Amt für Kultur St. Gallen

Matches – Cabinet of wonder (2005)

Concept of the scenography (room and content) of a exhibition with the graphics of matchboxes, the production of matches, the matchboxes collectors, and a lot of stories about matches, / Konrad-Nef-Stiftung Teufen AR

Book cube & action red dart (2004)

Room installation about the work of librarians / Bibliothek Teufen AR

Centre for culture and construction (2004)

Concept and scenography for a conversion of a old arsenal. Together with a exhibition about a collection of old models of bridges from the wood builder family Grubenmann / Kulturkommission Teufen AR

Collection Grubenmann (2004)

Concept of the scenography (room and content) of the exhibition about Grubenmann, engineer and builder in wood of bridges and churches in the 18 Jh./ Kulturkommission Teufen AR

Exposure (2002)

Concept of the scenography of the swiss pavillon at the Expo 2004 St. Denis-Paris about the issue «pictures and refections, reality and mythos» / competition Präsenz Schweiz Bern

The match museum (2001)

Concept of the scenography (room and content) about matches and fire/ Konrad-Nef-Stiftung Teufen AR


Curation / Concept

Land of strangers, Kleine Kulturlandsgemeinde AR (2010)

Debate about the issue «foreign country» with lectures, workshop, art, music, and dance. Curation of the exhibition of the school and art project together with Matthias Kuhn. Coproduction Kulturstiftung AR and Amt für Kultur AR / Pestalozzidorf Trogen AR (

Millions and billions, Kleine Kulturlandsgemeinde AR (2009)

Debate about the issue «millions and billions» with lectures, writings, drawings, art and shortfilms. Curation of the artworks and the shortfilm evening together with Matthias Kuhn. Coproduction Kulturstiftung AR and Amt für Kultur AR / Cinema Rosenthal Heiden AR (

Oil of canvas (2009)

A approach to the 18. Jh. with text, paintings, sound, and architecture. Concept and curation with Matthias Kuhn, Heidi Eisenhut. Coproduction Kantonsbibliothek AR / Obergerichtsaal Trogen AR (

Small Kulturlandsgemeinde AR (2006 – 2008)

Curation and organisation of the little Kulturlandsgemeide AR together with Peter Surber, Coproduction Kulturstiftung AR / Teufen, Trogen, Herisau AR (

Securing of evidence – Art in the old hospital Trogen (2006)

Curation and catalogue of the site specific art exhibition in a old hospital together with Matthias Kuhn, Coproduction exex St. Gallen / Palais Bleu Trogen AR (


Fortschritt (2003)

Dance movie about homeland and landscape, competition by the Kulturstiftung Appenzell Ausserrhoden, production with Rebekka Reich / Tournee CH

Baldrian (2001)

Short film about homeland and longing / University
the Arts Zurich, HGKZ Zürich

The pulse at Rotbach (1995)

Stop motion film about a community witch works and lives in a old fabric, production with Marcel Hobi, Thomas Karrer/ Fabrik am Rotbach Bühler AR


The Cottage (2013)

Audio collage for «the box» a collection of sounds from appenzell in Vinyl, a project from Patrick Kessler for the «Ledi» cuktural touring stage / AR°AI500

About springs, miracle fontains and dragons (2011)

Audio installation in a exhibition about gardens in the appenzell, Museum Herisau

The armoire about hunger (2006)

Audio installation «spreaking cabinets» in a exhibition, Appenzeller Volkskundemuseum Stein

How many culture needs a rural commune – small Kulturlandsgemeinde AR (2005)

Audio collage and booklet about the culture in Appenzell Ausserrhoden «How many culture needs a rural commune?», Coproduction with Kulturstiftung AR / Trogen AR